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Red River Wooden Boats

Gallery of Red River Wooden Boats

Fishing Dory
This is a flat-bottomed 16 foot dory that has a shallow draft and makes a great platform for fishing. The design descends from coastal work boats, so it can handle pretty rough water.
  • Length: 16 feet | Beam: 5 feet, 6 inches | Hull weight (approx): 250 pounds | Motor: up to 25 HP | People capacity: 4

Speed Boat
This 14-footer works great for pulling skiers and cruising around the lake. The hull only weighs about 275 pounds, so it doesn’t take a lot of motor to get it moving.
  • Length: 14', 4" | Beam: 5', 9" | Hull weight (approx): 275 pounds | Motor: up to 40 HP | People capacity: 4

Cedar Strip Canoes
Cedar strippers have become the new standard for hand-built canoes. While traditional wood/canvas canoes may be the original classic, the lighter weight and ease of maintenance gives a stripper some nice practical advantages. Cedar strips are laid on forms into the hull shape, and then covered with epoxy/fiberglass followed by marine varnish. The boat in the photos is a 16-foot “Prospector.” It has significant rocker which makes it very maneuverable and good in rough water. Our other stripper design is an 18-foot cruising boat with little rocker, which makes it faster and easier to control on flat water. Both weigh in at about 54 pounds including seats and trim.

This 18-foot kayak is an example of “stitch and glue” construction. The hull is made of marine-grade mahogany plywood that is assembled using epoxy glue and epoxy/fiberglass for a total weight of about 34 pounds. If you prefer a stripper kayak, we will build it to any plans you choose. Check out http://www.pygmyboats.com/ and http://www.clcboats.com for many different designs that are available.

A wooden paddleboard? Why not! Designs are now becoming available for wood construction, like this 14-ft board designed by Chesapeake Light Craft http://www.clcboats.com. Our "test paddlers" said this 30-lb board is stable enough for beginners and rivaled foam racing boards for speed. 

Whether dingy, dory, skiff, or duck boat, there are many simple and inexpensive designs available for small rowboats, some that can be sailed or accommodate a small motor. This little 8-footer a great play boat for the kids at the lake, or for your own rowing workout.