Built by Hand

It’s all in the details. Red River Wooden Boats are made by hand, one step at a time.

We custom build small wooden boats including canoes, kayaks, paddleboards (SUPs), fishing boats, and speed boats. All boats are built to U.S. Coast Guard safety standards.

Quality Materials

Red River Wooden Boats uses only the highest grade marine mahogany plywood (guaranteed by Lloyd’s of London), solid mahogany lumber, and vertical grain fir. This makes a light and strong boat. Cedar strip canoes, SUPs, and kayaks are made with clear (no knots) western red cedar coated with epoxy fiberglass.

Handcrafted with Pride

See how a piece of art comes to life.


You can choose from existing designs or we will build to your own plans.

As long as the strength and performance of the boat isn’t compromised, we are happy to work with you to use special woods, trim, colors, etc., to complete your own unique craft.


OK.  Let’s just say that North Dakota isn’t the boat-building capital of the world! 

We have delivered boats all over the United States, as well as Canada. People-powered boats can be crated and shipped by common carrier. Delivery options available for larger trailered boats.

Handcrafted with pride.

Handmade doesn’t have to look homemade. Every boat is a unique work of art, and no two are exactly the same.