Cedar Strip Canoes

Cedar strippers have become the new standard for hand-built canoes.

While traditional wood/canvas canoes may be the original classic, the lighter weight and easy maintenance gives a cedar stripper some nice, practical advantages. “Strippers” may be the best combination of looks and function that there is in a small boat.

Cedar strips are laid on forms into the hull shape, and then covered with an epoxy/fiberglass, followed by marine varnish.

Typical Specifications:

  • Designs available from 12-foot solo canoes to 20-foot pack cruisers
  • Typical 16- to 18-foot canoe weighs about 50-55 pounds

Over the last two decades, my cedar strip canoe has nearly a year of total days in the BWCA wilderness area and is still going strong. I love the way it paddles and carries plenty of gear, and I really love the comments I get from all those other folks in “plastic” canoes!

Steve – Minnesota